We're starting a brand-new series that's all about being Ready to talk about Jesus when there's not much time and even less interest. 

When someone makes a comment and just throws you off balance do you have an answer?



Join us as we walk through the first few chapters of the book of Daniel, and learn what faith in the face of adversity truly looks like!


Taking Responsibility

In a culture where irresponsibility gets rewarded, it gets repeated. But for the believer, irresponsibility is simply off limits.

Join us as we begin a brand new series aimed at helping all of us take responsibility for our lives

because God created us to be responsible people.



Our goal as a church is to build one another up in Christ and community, much like the first church in Acts.

As we take a critical look at what makes the church important, and what unites us as a body, we take a lesson from the pages of Acts

and learn how we can grow in our faith and in the impact we have on our community together.



Who is the Greatest Of All Time (The GOAT)? Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Ali or Tyson, Brady or Montana? 

And how do you become the GOAT? Join us as we look at what Jesus says about being the GOAT!


Re-fueling faith

Just like a car needs to be re-fueled to run, we need to be re-energizing our faith each day to live for Christ! 

Join us as we gather to worship, and to re-fill our spiritual tanks as believers!



The church is the only group of its kind in the world that is specifically designed for the people who aren't in it.

The church has been given a mission by God to reach out and save the lost.

How we do that is a matter of vision. So what is the vision for our church? What is our focus?

Throughout this series, we'll talk about the vision, future, and purpose of our church, and how we take part in the Kingdom of God.


Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! We hope you'll join us for worship as we celebrate the fathers in our lives, and our heavenly Father!


Bottom of the 9th

Have you ever felt behind? Maybe it's your to-do list, or maybe something more important like a relationship or financially? 
You're just behind and it feels like you should give up?
If that's you, then we'd love for you to join us as we begin a brand new series called Bottom of the 9th, 
where we will learn that because of our God, we may be down, but we are never out.

Memorial Weekend 2021

This year, for Memorial Day weekend, we heard from guest speaker, Ernie Bagley!


Raising Giant Slayers

This series will be all about family, and raising up kids who can face the world with a powerful faith in God. 

But regardless of if you have kids or not, there are truths about God that we all can learn through these messages!


Graves into gardens

Did you miss out on Palm Sunday or Easter at GCC? Listen to the messages here!


Character MAtters

Our character matters. It's a lesson we begin teaching children at a very young age, and we all need reminded of throughout our lives.

So what is the character of a Christian supposed to look like?

We explore this question by taking a look at Paul's writing to the Galatians, in what is called "the fruit of the Spirit."

Join us each week as we look at a new attribute to our character in Christ, and why it matters!


The Bible

Ever wondered where the Bible came from? How'd we get this big book of letters, poems, history, and truth about God?

As we head into the new year, we're diving into the Bible in a different way- not just looking at the truth it shares about Jesus, hope, grace, and faith, but also at how God used different people throughout history to put together this ultimate love letter.